Rapidly scale your operations/underlying IT infrastructure, create world class customer support infrastructure and enhance your client capture rate by deploying remoteinfrastructure monitoring & Management services from envisionIMS. With businesses facing challenges to effectively optimize their IT infrastructure, we deliver a robust service that helps improve overall business performance without compromising on quality and security and provide a competitive advantage by delivering more value to the end user.

Our Services:

  1. Remote Monitor & Management – Desktop & Laptop
  2. Remote Monitor & Management – Server
  3. Remote Monitor & Management – Network



Why Envi®RIMS:

  1. Make significant saving on IT operation costs
  2. Take advantage of our business focus and specialization
  3. Ensure high availability
  4. Gain from our centralized Infrastructure Management Services
  5. Achieve enhanced results from our knowledge, experience and exposure to critical issues and their resolution across customers. You will benefit from an exceptional, holistic way of managing service events, restoration of services and resolution of recurring incidents while simplifying operations and reducing costs.
  6. Get the flexibility to scale operations in consonance with your business growth
    Obtain a greater value from our customized ITIL Best Practices for consistent global support and predictable IT infrastructure performance.


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